We use a membership model because it’s better for our members. Our model allows us to invest time to get to know you, your business, your processes, your goals, your needs and your wants. It allows us to invest resources in research, documentation, planning, vendor vetting, training, and more. It allows us to keep costs as low as possible while bringing you the best solutions for your specific needs. We have over 350 members and have committed our focused efforts to them. If we walk into an unknown situation for a one-time service, it takes away from all of our members. Also, our Nerds are specifically hired to work our system not “shoot from the hip”. We’re very methodical and intentional with our members and their needs.

So, what’s not included? We charge a flat fee of $100 for any Nerd Visit at your location. If you’re located more than 5 miles from a store, we charge $50/hr for travel. We also charge for larger projects or bringing in a specialist1. We’ll send you a Nerd Recommendation before hand and you will have time to review and approve before you incur any charges. We’re big on NO SURPRISES! Need more convincing? NN Business Plans


$35+ / month
  • Condo
  • House
  • Mansion


$100 / month
  • Setup fee of $100
  • Home-based


$500 / month
  • Setup fee of $1000

All plans include:

  • Unlimited in-store support
  • Unlimited remote Support
  • Member discounted pricing for Antivirus, Online backup, and Remote Access
  • $100 flat-fee Nerd Visits…NO hourly rates!
  • Free pickup/delivery if you’re within 5 miles of store
  • In-store Beer, Wine, Bourbon, Coffee, Cigars, WiFi!

1 A Nerd will always accompany any 3rd party and you are not charged for Nerd’s time